Dog Grooming Special Offers

Dog Grooming Special Offers

Here are our latest dog grooming offers and promotions to pamper your pooch.

Book you next 8 grooms in advance and receive a free upgrade to our Platinum Package for all grooms!

T&Cs apply – please call the salon for full details

Giving your puppy some grooming training is as easy as ABC with Four Paws! A puppy introductory groom is perfect for pups who are 12-22 weeks old.  We get them used to the sights and sounds of the groomers, including being handled by new people, having a bath and dry, feeling the clipper vibrations and listening to scissors snip.  These pups leave feeling relaxed and smelling great! 30 minute session - Bronze Package

ring your puppy back 6-8 weeks later for a brush, bath, nail trim and a feet, face and bottom tidy up. 1 hour session - Silver Package

Create your puppies style! It maybe time for your pups first big girl or boys hair style and coming to a place they know well means that regular grooming will be fun and a real treat.  At their 3rd groom they will have a full style to your personal requirements with plenty of cuddles along the way. 1-2 hour session - Gold Package

£65 for booking all your pups ABC grooms

(subsequent grooms will be priced at the adult breed rate)